Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Billion dollar industry in near future...

1. Cloud resellers. (I borrowed this one from Marc Bennioff of Salesforce, he says there will be “cloud sherpas”)
2. Variants of platform as a service with other models.
3. Mobile payments.
4. Social e-commerce
5. Language & intercultural literacy. (new business models & delivery methods). China, Africa, and India are just the start.
6. Saving.
7. Mobile health care. Both in the developing world & hear at home.
8. Mobile education.
9. Government data transparency to solve waste or fight corruption.
10. Government 2.0 (crowd sourcing, ATM-like transactions modeled on E-choupal experience, data transparency, service delivery, etc..)
11. Green data about the supply chain (major cost cutting & green innovations).
12. Impact assessment for the supply chain (both for corporate social responsibility and for greater efficiency)
13. Filters & silence (solves filter failure & the scarcity of silence).
14. Online delivery (see Amazons entry in this space & it will grow as traffic continues).
15. Making virtual events more like face to face engagement (obviously cutting hotel hosting, air fair, time, and other costs).
16. Self-coaching. Digital lifestyle design. (for goals, education, budget, etc…)
17. Mass automation in human resources.
18. Customized self-publishing (i.e. I have x, y, and z issue….and I need info in 48 hours)
19. Mass customization (by industry segment). CK Prahalad from the University of Michigan wrote a book about this 2 years ago before he passed.
20. Project based education combined with more modular education
21. Entrepreneurship. Business in a box by segment. (or businesses you can run from your mobile or your iPad application–just add salesperson and accounting software)
22. College education changes to lifelong learning (delivery either on campus or via digital platform)
23. Lifestyle health care & nutrition (health care data transparency for individuals to make better decisions)
24. Health Informatics. (data becomes more ubiquitous and more mobile.) Every health care worker will have a mobile phone to do their work.
25. Products & services & business model adjustment for the rise of emerging markets (BRIC countries).
26. Self-driven real estate process. (Red Fin is attempting to do this in the Northwest US)
27. Entirely new models of books beyond the audio book, e-book, or PDF.
28. DIY data. Build your own dashboard. (Zoho I believe already has some of this, but I don’t think its real-time and I’m sure the UI could use work)
29. Process automation + empathy (design thinking + demming, six sigma, or lean)
30. New concern with data forces companies to find hard data to support “soft” results and “soft” functions. (other forms of ratings & certifications to help fill the gaps in information) Professional service firms and educational institutions may have to focus more on these issues.
31. Outsourcing innovation. Not the typical discussion of outsourcing, but rather the ability to get innovation done on the cheap, effectively, quickly, for a particular target market, or with fewer failures along the way. Most companies aren’t geared to do this, but there will be an increasing number of services around this area. They may even be brought in to help create a culture of change around innovation or to support internal company incubators, or 20% time type initiatives.
32. Support services and products for mobile workers (for community, accountability, or training in adopting a new lifestyle).

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